Robbie Williams live at Milton Keynes

Yes I admit it I went to a Robbie Williams concert, and yes I’m blogging about it. I was thinking if I had some “Robbie Williams” keywords on my blog I might get some of his millions of his fans visiting my site, and then those fans might request some websites to be designed. Quite unlikely, but worth a try.

On friday night, with 65,000 others, I went to see Mr. Williams perform, and I had a golden circle ticket. Up close and personal with Robbie. How lucky was I? (slight sarcasm).

Basement Jaxx kicked off the evening with some wicked phat dance beats and big mammas in colourful outfits. “Where’s your head at” being my favourite track. Then Robbie came on. Ladies screamed. I let out a little screech. Just to fit in of course.

Robbie certainly entertained. What a stage presence! He really got the crowd going with all his big hits including, “Monsoon”, “Let me entertain you”, “Millenium” and “Feel”. Robbie kept telling us how he loved us. Then he got a bit soppy and said that we had really lifted his spirits. He even almost shed a tear. We were an amazing audience, and I felt quite special.

Robbie Willams at Milton Keynes 15 September 2006

Then Robbie sang his final song “Angel”. He disappeared off the stage to a roaring crowd, flew off in his helicopter, waved his regal hand down at us, (I waved back), then left all 65,000 of us to battle the the traffic to get home. At 3am I was home.

I got to thinking. Robbie lives quite a surreal life. He has just done 40 concerts around the world to an audience of 3 million screaming fans! How do you sleep when you get home Robbie? Aren’t you permanently buzzing?

Turns out Robbie was being sincere with his teary eyes, and his heartfelt message to our crowd. Yesterday he announced he is cancelling the Asian part of his world tour that was supposed to start in November. He is absolutely exhausted and afraid of burning out.

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  1. i also went to the same concert golden ticket holder as well ur right it was AWSOME and angels was briiliant Robbie u are great i stood up for ages to make sure iwas right at the front not easy for someone who had a slipped disc but no way was i gonna miss any of it i loved it

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