Come Bruno, let’s go buy some fireworks!

This weekend was rather loud. It sort of resembled the “War on Terror” in Baghdad, minus the warheads, but with a lot of gun powder!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about it was Guy Fawkes, and man do people celebrate Guy Fawkes over here! For the past week I don’t think there has been one night without a firecracker flying past our bedroom window, or an ambulance driving down our road with some little pommy kid who suffered sparkler burns.

Did you know a sparkler burns at five times the heat of a bonfire barbecue? Neither did I.

In the spirit of Guy Fawkes we ventured away from our window display to Alexander Palace in North London, where we were joined by a good, *thumb suck*, 25 000 others.

The beauty of this event was that it was on the top of a hill that overlooked the whole of London. Not only did we get to watch a spectacular, choreographed firework display outside a palace, but we also got to see about, *thumb suck*,  15 other displays dotted around London in the distance.

Alexander Palace Fireworks Display 2006

I took this pic with my new Canon 350d. Yup, that’s right, I finally bought it!

Photographing fireworks without a tripod is a mission. The photo above is actually 2 photos, taken at different times during the night, with different shutter speeds. Together the composition best reflects what we saw over London. Awesome!

Poms don’t seem to really care about animal rights over here. In Cape Town you have a choice of about 2 displays to watch, all the rest have been closed down over the years due to residents complaining.

Over here I saw some chav buying fireworks with his dog! He took his dog with him to go and buy fireworks…

Come Bruno, let’s go get some of ’em crackers so I can scare the sh%t out of ya later tonight.

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  1. Bruno: Do i look bovvid? Look at my face, look at my face. Do i look bovvid? Bovvid? Face. Bovvid? Face Bovvid? Look at my face. Bovvid?

  2. Dude, go hang out in Durban over the last week of October and the 1st week of November, Diwali and Guyfawks combined = 14 nights of complete mayhem.

  3. I have stayed in London for two years and know about the amazing Guy Fawkes celebrations over there. I would really love to watch some in Cape Town, but where? Please tell me if you know.

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