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A short and sweet request for all of you using my RSS feed thingy. Would you PLEASE re-direct it to my new feed location. If you don’t have my RSS feed already then click on the welcoming RSS button in the right menu and subscribe to it now. If you don’t know what a RSS feed is then shame on you!

The reason I have chosen FeedBurner to manage my feed is that it provides statistics regarding the usage of my feeds, and it has some extra features.

If you have problems subscribing to the new feed please do let me know so that I can fix it in a jiffy!


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  1. Done. But to make thing easier for everyone, check out the Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin for WP. This effectively just adds a mod_rewrite rule to your .htaccess file for your feed.

  2. Mark, pop that plugin that Colin suggested, and no-one will get lost! 🙂

  3. Thanks guys, turns out I installed that plugin a while back, in preparation for the Feedburner migration. Just forgot I had it 🙂

    Hopefully it does its thing.

  4. My subscription to your site via bloglines still works?!

  5. Yep, my feed still works too.

  6. Hey Dave and Hash,

    This feedburner feed has been around for a while now, I linked to it once in one of my previous posts, which is probably when you guys subscribed to it. Nothing has changed for you guys then 🙂

  7. Erm… forgive me for asking stupid questions…. but how do you get yr comments + tag links pulled through to the feed reader?

  8. I’d love to claim it was some nifty script i wrote, but it wasn’t. It’s just one of the perks of using feedburner to manage my feed. Simply using a feature called “Feedflare” I can add interactivity to my rss feed. I chose to add an “Email this”, “Comments Count”, “Add to” and “Digg this” feature.

    Hopefully you all like the added features.

  9. I’m still getting a validation error when I try and add your feed to my feed reader 🙁

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