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I just wanna dance

Just imagine you quit your job making and playing video games and you decide to go traveling around the world with your mate, until your savings runs out. Your mate gives you the rather random idea to dance in every country you go to whilst he records you making a fool of yourself.

You then post the video on YouTube for fun. Seeing it is whack enough, it gets a lot of views. It then gets more views, and even more views. Then some guys who make chewing gum think it would be a good idea to sponsor you to go do it all again, but this time you have to go to even more places and dance even more. But don’t worry all your travels are paid for. You just go have fun and dance your little heart out.

What a job!!

There are two more “friday finds” below.

How to create a favicon for your website

Would you like to display your own icon on the browser address bar when visitors view or bookmark your web page? Check out the apple in your browser address bar now, that is my little guy. He is called a “favicon”.

To create your own favicon, and to find out how to install it, simply visit this favicon generator site. It’s pretty neat, and doesn’t involve any photoshop or image editing, it does all the work for you.

Need some design inspiration

Visit this flickr photo set and have a look around, it’s packed full of screenshots of beautifully designed websites that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

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  1. Brilliant! I’d prob feel like a such an tit, but what a job!

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