It’s Party Time!

The “Fruitloop” Granny Wrangler has tagged me, and it looks like I have to organise a dinner party for myself and 9 lucky guests.

So I give to you the list of my distinguished friends I shall invite:

  1. Mini Me: Not an actual mini me, mini me from Austin Powers, the one who humps the “lazer”. He looks fun.
  2. Michael Scofield: I’m just intrigued to find out if it hurt when he got all those tattoos.
  3. Neve Campbell: I had a massive crash on her back in the days of “Party of Five”
  4. Paris Hilton: What’s a party without Paris. And her Dad could maybe foot the bill.
  5. Britney Spears: Because.
  6. Robbie Williams: Robbie would be in charge of the entertainment after the meal. He just better bring his pack of Uno cards.
  7. George “Boyjtie” Forrester: George is my 3 year old Golden Retriever. I thought if I bring him along, that’s if he is available that night, he could lighten the mood. He has two great party tricks, a fart that always sparks off great conversation, and a well executed judo flip (a must see).
  8. Jane Seymour: I had a huge crush on her in “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”.
  9. Johnny Knoxvile: He could help with the party tricks.

The waiters I shall request:

  • The Jobloggers: They can compare tattoos with Scofield.
  • The Chumpstylers: They are actually paying me to waiter at my party. They mentioned something about a potential revenue stream from a spy camera in the ladies toilets?

12 responses

  1. Britney Spears could bounce herself, given her chubbiness of late =)

  2. Yeah, um, I’ll be manning the spy cam. Sweet. Thanks for the invite.

  3. I am ashamed to admint that I must second your opinion on Jane Seymour 😉

  4. Peter:
    Britney looks ok in her latest photos, although I suppose the angle the photos were taken at don’t show much above her waist.

    You’ll have to fight for that job with Wezzo!

    I knew I wasn’t alone!

  5. I hope Scofield realises what an exceptionally lucky man he is being invited to both our parties!

  6. So his real name is Wentworth Miller is it? Click. I was like… who is this bloke Fruitloop wants to sit on?

    We obviously want him at our parties for different reasons though 🙂

  7. What should us waiters wear.. apron and a bowtie okay?

  8. Jane Seymour, lol 🙂

  9. Dari Dawg:
    You can wear your chumpstyle t-shirts if you want. I’m not big into naked guys in aprons. You could try convince Neve, Paris, Britney, and especially Jane to do the apron and bowtie outfits though. I’m down with that.

    Don’t try play cool Damien, I know you must have had some fantasy involving Jane Seymour before 🙂

  10. In almost your own words… Don’t try play cool Mark, I know you must have had some fantasy involving Wentworth Miller before 🙂

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