CSS Mastery iPod Giveaway

Dear Santa,

Some lad called Andy Budd, who runs some user experience consultancy company in Brighton, is being quite crafty in getting word out about his latest book, CSS Mastery. He wants geezers to write to you begging for a copy of his book. Then he chooses the best letters and gives the winners a copy of his book. He doesn’t even consult you. The cheek!

To be honest I’m sort of one of those geezers, I wouldn’t mind the book, I’m sure it would help me develop my CSS skills. The main reason I’m writing to you is to get some of his website visitors, even some of his clients, to my weblog. Who knows they might love my site and prefer to use my company instead of his. You never know. I’m sorry I’m using you Santa. I really feel terrible about this, but you know if this works I might get some more UK clients. How about this: I’ll give you a cut of the profits! Promise.

So please don’t be pissed off with me. If you could fit a new Macbook in your sack I’d prefer that, but a CSS Mastery book and an ipod nano would be great. Especially the nano, I’m one of the only blokes in Wimbledon without one 🙁

Thanks Santa. You’re a legend.



P.S. I’ve never ever won anything significant. Sniff. You already know that Santa, but Andy doesn’t. So this is really just a note for him, to tug on his heart strings.

This letter to Santa is in response to Andy Budd’s “Win an iPod Nano with CSS Mastery this Christmas”

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  1. That’s a frikkin cool viral campaign that Andy’s running. Respect.

  2. im not following. Im jewish, Whats all this blog about Xmas & Free stuff – I want in!

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