Toon Army vs Chelsea

Last night I experienced my first premier league football match at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea Boys took on the lads from Newcastle, the team I happen to support!

Walking into the stadium, surrounded by about 41,000 chanting football fans was something quite amazing! If you don’t know already, English football fans are a tad bit louder than the usual crowd you can expect to find at Newlands rugby stadium!

For example, I give to you Exhibit A:

I stumbled upon this gem after searching for the “Toon Army” on YouTube. Now multiply this bunch of “gentlemen” by about 100 and that’s probably how many Toon Army representatives were singing and cursing at the 38,000 Chelsea fans.

Balls of steel. Coated in titanium.

Exhibit B shows Drogba winning the game for Chelsea, 1-0. A win to Chelsea was the expected result, but the injury-ridden Newcastle team did put up a mighty brave fight.

Watching the Chelsea superstars like Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Essien and Ballack playing footy, about 50 metres away, was a jaw-dropping dream come true. Well worth the R750 ticket!

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  1. Please tell me R750 isn’t the cheapest ticket o_O Looks like that would be pretty damn awesome even for a non-football fan such as myself =) Sweet!

  2. I’m afraid 750 bucks is about an average price ticket! Think the cheapest ticket was about 45 pounds, so you could knock off a few rands!

    Very much worth it though. You have to experience one game in your life time!

  3. Mark, are you running the cost of the ticket through the business? Pete, respect!, London is damn costly, but earning Pounds as Katovsky will tell you is the way to go.
    Mark, live footi is great, a different beast to the white collared posh rugby fans. I have had the pleasure of going to Anfield, the home of the mighty reds+ peter crouch (not so mighty!!). If you ampt, ill join u one weekend on a road trip to St James Park, Tickets there shouldnt be more than £30.

    Take care and looking fwd to your reply – RBJ (est. Hirt & Carter 2000)

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