I’m still alive, I’ve just been really busy

I didn’t post the “Merry Christmas” post, naughty Mark, and I don’t think I have the patience to sit back and reflect on 2006 either. Sorry, but there are plenty of those sort of posts lurking around the blogosphere at this time of the year.

What have I been up to?

I have spent most of the time I should have been spending Christmas shopping finishing off projects and writing proposals. As a result of that my wrist has been pretty damn sore for the past week and I’m hoping it’s not that computer nerd syndrome, Carpal Tunnel. Moving right along though, cos I’m no nerd 🙂

Some of the exciting projects I have wrapped up over the past few weeks include:

Mike Stopforth Re-Design

Mike Stopforth, a well known South African web entrepreneur and speaker requested my services to re-design his weblog. Mike wanted a theme layout that would be simple to use, clean and uncluttered, and make good use of only a few colours. The end result has received great feedback and will hopefully help Mike’s ever-growing weblog grow even more quickly.

Two Oceans Sport Fishing

The other WordPress theme design I have recently finished was for a sport fishing chartering company, operating out of Simon’s Town, Cape Town. Two Oceans Sport Fishing Charters offer sports fishing (serious sports fishing!), spear fishing and pelagic bird watching. The client requested a site that would be easy to update themselves, yet look professional and portray the right brand image. What better a system to use thanWordPress. Have a look at the site, even if only to marvel over the MASSIVE fish these guys catch just off our Cape coastline.


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  1. And some very fine designs those are too!

  2. Fank you very much 🙂

  3. Wow I really like what you did with Mike’s site, well done Mark.

  4. Nice eg of the way London brought in 07

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