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I’ve been sifting through the large amount of South African blogs trying to find possible nominees for this year’s blog awards. There are so many great blogs out there it’s hard to decide who my votes will go to.

When choosing nominees for the Best Photographic Blog I urge you to take a look at a few photographers that I am considering to nominate. No, I am not being paid to promote these guys, I am just amazed at their talented portfolios.

In no particular order I present to you:


This is the photoblog of Jason Strachan. Living in Cape Town, South Africa he shoots his photographs with a Canon 350D, Canon 15mm fisheye, Tokina 12-24mm, Tamron 28-75mm and “other assorted junk”.

All of Jason’s photos have a great written description accompanying each photo. They really bring his works to life.

Gosu - SA Photographic Blog of the Year

Thinking Picture

This is the photoblog of Grant Somebody (can’t find Grant’s surname), a visuals effects artist. Grant is a saffa who has been living abroad for 12 years and has now returned home.

Grant has obviously used his effects skills to create this mesmerizing photo. I absolutely love it.

Update: It’s Grant Legassick and his portfolio can also be found on Flickr. Thanks Coda

Thinking Picture - SA Photographic Blog of the Year

Apparently Nothing

Lorissa is a South African, living in Oxford, UK. She is a co-founder and creative director of a small design studio, dynamic vantage, and a photographer, currently rather interested in food photography. she co-created expressions which is the photoblogging system that powers her site and many others.

Apparently Nothing - SA Photographic Blog of the Year

Ross Hillier

Ross is 20 years old and consumed by the art of photography. He is continually inspired by the world around him; Shapes of trees, light falling through a window, clouds, sunrise, colours, people, music, adventure. He hates to sleep. Taking photographs is his way of speaking to the world through art. Ross’s portfolio runs off Lorissa’s photoblogging system, and is published on numerous sites and in magazines.

Ross Hillier - SA Photographic Blog of the Year

Do you know of any other photobloggers that deserve a mention? Then leave a comment below.

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  1. LOL. Did you list them via preference? The top 3 is frightfully similar to my choices. Click on to Ross’ site now.

  2. I did state: “In no particular order I present to you”. My preference order is slightly different to this 🙂

    We both have an eye for good photography Gideon 🙂

    Ross has some great shots I’m sure you’ll love his work.

  3. Thanks for that Damien 🙂

  4. oi – yeah… it’s obvious that i dont read when im distracted by these images. Quite sad that I don’t spend as much time taking photos as I once did. Will have to make time to do that again and add it to my page.

  5. Thanks so much for the mention Mark. I’m really chuffed 🙂

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