I love Belgian beer

Last night Xenia and myself returned from a long weekend away in Belgium. Lovely. I booked this trip about 2 months ago through Expedia. The package cost 150 pounds per person and included the return flights to Brussels, and the 5 star hotel accomodation, which included a buffet breakfast! Not bad I thought.

Brussels was an awesome get away spent drinking Belgian beer and eating moules et frites, waffles and lots and lots of chocolate. We also did our fair share of sight seeing… between beer stops of course.

On sunday we took a day trip to the city of Bruges, a 1 hour train journey from Brussels. Bruges regularly gets knocked for being too pretty and too perfect! It’s exactly that.

We visited the Church of Our Lady which boasts Michelangelo’s “Madonna with Child” marble sculpture. It is very pretty. We also took a boat trip around the 16th century buildings. They were perfect.

The highlight of the trip must have been drinking Belgian beer in Brussels Grande Place, surrounded by mesmerizing architecture.

Grande Place, Brussels, Belgium


Side Note

I made quite a school boy error before leaving for the airport. I watched United 93. It was a pretty good movie, pretty powerful movie is probably the best way to describe it. The problem was I watched it the night before flying on an aeroplane! Bad idea. Don’t do it. Needless to say I didn’t enjoy flying on my small, noisy BMI jet to Brussels. Neither did my jocks.

Next stop: Amsterdam in two weeks time.

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  1. Woah that does sound like fun! Mmmm Belgian Beer =)

  2. Ok, see those little red flower pots in the picture to the right? That’s where i sat and drank my first bottle of Leffe about 6 weeks ago. It was -1c . I have never been so grateful to get inside. I hope you didn’t actually sit outside but just set up your shot and then ran back to the log fire? I just love all the little accompaniments you get with nearly any drink you order. We ordered Cappuccino in one place and it comes with a biscuit, 2 wafer sticks and a little thing of ice cream. Amazing.

    Isn’t Bruges stunning too? Its changed a lot now – more shops and things. But fantastic.

  3. I was a die hard Madame GW, I sat in the cold. According to Time Out magazine it has to be done. Although it wasn’t -1c it was more like 5c.

    Bruges was amazing, loved it. I will definitely return their one day.

  4. Mark, been to Brussels (bruge and gent as well) a few times, it is easily one of my favourite european cities but seems to get knocked by most people.

    Did you go to Delirium, the bar which holds the Guiness Record for most beers in one establishment?

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