I thought I’d had a big weekend

Late last night I returned from a splendid weekend away in Amsterdam. There were around 15 of us who went, so needless to say I’m not feeling so great today.

I thought my weekend was quite large, obviously not as big as this dude’s:

Poor bugger.

Highlights of our Amsterdam trip, in order of “cultural” to “adventurous”, included the flower market to see the pretty little tulips, a boat cruise around the city, the queue for Anne Frank’s House (which wasn’t very appealing), the Heineken Brewery for the Heineken experience, a very trendy Dutch restaurant that I can’t remember the name of, some innocent coffee shops that were surprisingly smoky inside, the touristy Bulldog Palace nightclub, and a few other places I won’t mention here.

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  1. Jeez, that could have turned into one hell of a morning after headache. Poor bastard.

  2. Wow, that’s mad! Maybe God was trying to tell him something, hey? =)

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