In absolute awe

After about 6 years of using Photoshop I thought I knew my way around it pretty well. Then you get a Photoshop guru/Sketch Artist like “Macpulenta” who goes and shows you that you still have a lot to learn. A hell of a lot.

In this amazing video clip he uses very basic Photoshop effects that have been around since the primitive Photoshop 3 and produces a flawless sketch/photo look-a-like of Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Sit back and enjoy.

Now pick your jaw up from off the ground.

If you want to see more of his brilliant work then check these video clips where he “speed sketches” John Locke of the TV series “Lost”, and Tim Burton.


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  1. Wow. Simply amazing!

  2. lil' brother Avatar
    lil’ brother

    So weird bru.. me and a mate watched the john locke speed sketch yesterday before saw your sight… that guys so good..!

  3. lil' brother Avatar
    lil’ brother

    and when i say “sight” i mean “site”… obviously.

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