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Paul has been an absolute legend and posted the Morning Live interview with Jonathan Cherry about this year’s SA Blog Awards.

I heard from various mates back home that my blog had been featured in the interview, and my five seconds 2 seconds of fame had come and gone. I was obviously quite bleak that I couldn’t see it. Now, thanks to Paul, i can watch those seconds of fame over and over again. Whenever I’m feeling down I can now watch this and feel special again.

P.S. More scandal has erupted over the South African Blog Awards. Seth of 2oceansvibe has posted his brutally honest views on this year’s awards. Paul, as quick as ever, has posted a follow up post.

I’m not going to get involved here and will rather point you to where the fight is happening.

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  1. Hi Mark

    Just doing my bit to keep the flame burning for those of who you were featured in the interview!

  2. Ah nice one Mark & Paul – been dying to catch a glimpse of this…

  3. 10/10 to Paul !!
    – Like Mark, I feel like a mini-celeb!
    01/10 to Seth !!
    – Eish dewda!

  4. Psssst! Forrester! Duck! *SNOWBALL*

  5. *Mark picks up a handful of mud and throws it at Granny Wrangler*

    There ain’t no snow here in Wimbledon yet. Rain check?

  6. Now that’s just playing dirty.

    We had a light dusting in good ol’ Hampshire last night. But rather pathetic compared to the last dumping a month or so ago. Shot for posting that Sokwanele thing by the way. *beam*

  7. it takes forever and a day to load the video… damn you and your broadband access! 😛 I will have to go make dinner, do the dishes, watch some tv and hopefully by then it will be loaded to play. Very curious to see it.

  8. Looks like one hell of a bitch-slapping, tomato flinging fight is breaking out…. now let’s sit back and watch the carnage unfold

  9. oi!

    sorry – can’t get your ‘contact mark’ form to work – keeps giving me an error – so thought i’d just post as a comment which you can delete with pleasure. Stumbled across this very cool site and thought of you – have a squizz:

    ciao TGW

  10. Hey GW, thanks for letting me know about the issue with the contact page. I’ve installed a nifty new plugin to handle my contact form.

    Love the link. Some great wallpapers, using one of them now in fact. It’s the one of the dude with the waterfall coming out of his chest. How trippy does that sound?

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