The biggest TV night of the year raises 40 million pounds

Friday 16 March was Red Nose Day and over here in the UK Red Nose Day is quite a special day. It’s aim: to raise as much money as possible for global charities, through fund raising activities. How much has been raised this year? 40 million pounds! That should help a fair amount of under priviledged people around the world.

The amazing thing is about 38 million pounds of this amount was raised between 7pm and midnight on Friday night, through a phone-in donation line and an absolutely amazing line up of comedy skits, band performances and celeb appearances on BBC television.

Just about every UK celeb made an appearance on the television charity drive. All out of the kindness of their hearts, not earning a single pence. Aren’t they nice?

I had to share some of the best skits with you. The first one including Catherine Tate, Catherine Tate is an English actress and comedian whose BBC Two solo series beginning in 2004, The Catherine Tate Show has received wide acclaim, and prime minister Tony Blair.

Catherine Tate is most famous for her one liner, “Am i bovvered”.

The second skit is a heart felt message from Ricky Gervais, star of “The Office” and “Extras”.

Head on over to Youtube and search for “Red Nose Day 2007″ to see more of the amazing performances, including the stars of Little Britain, The Killers, a celeb Fame Academy, Top Gear: Top of the Pops, ANt and Dec, and many more.

P.S. Apologies to Saffa readers who don’t get half of the name throwing and British humour.

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  1. I is well bovvered i missed da second bit what dey did wif da Blair massive.

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