Afrigator Alpha 0.2

“It’s been three weeks in the making but finally it’s arrived! Afrigator Alpha-0.2 has officially been launched on our live server so head on over to see what we’ve been up to. We really wanted this release to be a big one and I think we have achieved just that. Not only have we given you new functionality but we’ve rewritten the entire aggregator and stats system from the ground up to be slicker, more improved and to allow to create new and exciting functionality.”

If that teaser isn’t enough to get you over to Afrigator, nothing will. Justin and Stii have been working flat out for the past few weeks and the work they have done in such a short time frame is mind boggling. I am so proud to be working with these gurus on such an exciting, first of a kind African project.

Hurry on over to Afrigator and have a play. Most importantly let us know what you think of Alpha 0.2!

Read more about the new features on the Afrigator blog.


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  1. Congrats! It looks better than ever. I was chatting with Justin last night as he was waiting for the final build to push… It’s obvious that all of you have worked extremely hard on making this come together.

  2. Nicely done! It looks great. A lot of great new features as well.

    If I may make one suggestion though: The form fields and buttons look identical and this gets a little confusing. I’d suggest making the buttons look more like buttons – or giving them something to set them apart. For example, the “Auto detect a feed” gets a little lost since it blends with the form fields around it. Just a thought.

  3. Hash: Thanks for the thumbs up. We have all been working really hard on it, but none more so than Justin and Stii. They have been putting in serious hours! Expect big things in the weeks to come. Now that the core is working 100% new features will be rolled out far more frequently.

    Lorissa: Glad you like the new features. Please keep making suggestions, we love hearing from fellow bloggers, especially other web startup specialists like yourself. I have noted your comments and will definitely try implement some changes. We’ve already made a few changes to the navigation since yesterday, and there are lots to come 🙂

  4. Hey Mark

    Why is a website like Afrigator, who’s primary audience is South African hosting in Germany? Whats up here?



  5. Rob, the reason we’re hosted in Germany is cost. This project is funded all by ourselves with no VC so everything unfortunately is price sensitive. I’ll give you an example. Currently we are on our own dedicated server and use an average of 1.78 GB of bandwidth a day and it grows rapidly as usage increases. The cost of this bandwidth in SA is just not something that is a viable option for us.

    If at some point we could afford the local bandwidth then there is no question about where we’ll be but for now this just makes sense.

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