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I’m finally getting around to designing a new business card with my UK contact details on it. Up until now I have been handing out business cards with my South African contact information, not very professional, but it does open up a bit of chit chat. Honestly I just haven’t found the time to invest into my own company’s brand image, I am too busy designing for clients. Not a very good excuse, but I am sure most designers will understand my predicament.

I’ve played with a few designs in Adobe Illustrator, but i’m lacking in the creativity department. After a Google search I stumbled on some great links to get the creative juices flowing again.

I even found this brilliant clip from the movie American Psycho. It’s a must watch.

“Something wrong Patrick? You’re sweating.”

Haha I love it.

Anyways, here is a link to some business card designs that are a little more interesting. And here is a link to a Flickr photoset of hundreds of business card designs.

Having second thoughts about your card design?

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  1. Do you think my business card could be made out of beads???

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