Festival Time

It’s a great time to be in London if you are a music lover. It’s summer time which means music festival time.

This last weekend I managed to get a free day ticket to the O2 Wireless Festival. My ticket was valid for the Sunday which was the “Indie Rock” day. This meant I got to see a whole bunch of bands I had never heard of before, plus of course the amazing Kaiser Chiefs.

One band which I thoroughly enjoyed was “The Editors”. Below is the single they released this week. I tried finding the O2 Wireless Festival video of it on YouTube, but I had no luck. Just imagine a packed sea of Indie fans jumping up and down.

Don’t like it? Play it again. A couple more times. I’m sure it will grow on you.

The other band I enjoyed was “The Twang”, especially this song, “Either Way”.

2 more sleeps and I’m off to Glastonbury. Which I am sure will be the best and worst experience of my life.

The best music experience. And the worst hygiene experience.

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  1. good luck making it out of there alive. no really. it’s been great knowing you and i hope that if the worst comes to the worst, you’ll at least get to see a couple of 18 year old blondes wrestling in the thick mud before you’re whisked away to the promised land.

  2. Quite applicable that the one song in this post is all about death… hmmm….

    I’ll die a happy man if it’s in my wellington boots wedged between blondes mud wrestling.

    Great knowing you 2 Ex GW.

    This is not goodbye it is only farewell.

  3. gooooooooooooooo WELLIES!

  4. lil' brother Avatar
    lil’ brother

    Sweet tunes bru. The editors have been on mtv fresh over here for a while with that song and the Twang also sounds good! I’ll have to get on itunes to get them 🙂 Enjoy glastenbury you lucky ba…. Damien rice…. oh my word.

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