Spanish sun, jellyfish, prawns and mojitos

I’m back to work after a fabulous week away on the South Coast of Spain, an hour from the city of Almeria. Every day was spent on the sun kissed beaches (playas) of Vera, Garrucha, Villaricos, Carboneras and Mojacar. I just love Spanish names! Everyday was over 30 degrees, and everyday we were drinking either a mojita, a pina colada or a spanish beer at one of the many chiringuitos (beach bars). We ate beautiful seafood, huge prawns, tender calamari and paella (which ended up being a bit too fishy for my liking).

Did I forget to mention I got stung by, what must have been, a huge jellyfish from the size of the mark on my chest. On day one! It felt like I was electrocuted, followed by a nice blistering mark, followed by the itchiness of a 100 mosquitoes… The memoir is still tattooed to my chest today, and in every photo taken.

Sunlounger on Mojacar Beach

Yup that arrow points to the location where I spent 6 hours soaking up the sun, drinking the best mojitos ever. Ever.

View more of my holiday snaps on my Flickr account.

You can imagine how happy I am to be back behind my desk working on websites.

P.S. I don’t think “Hasta la vista” was the correct way to say goodbye in Spanish. It’s direct translation is “See you later” and probably the reason why the restaurant waiters and water park ticket sales person looked at me a little funny.

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  1. hasta luego honey, hasta luego. sheesh.

  2. Katie’s alive! Thought you had fallen off the planet! Welcome back and thanks for the correct translation.

    I still think Hasta la vista sounds better though, especially in my Arnie accent.

  3. “Best Mojito’s ever”? I dont believe it!

  4. Believe it tripeak! I’m telling you they don’t get better than that. If I could have shipped one back for you guys to taste I would have. You just going to have to go on my word though 🙂

  5. sorry dude – life’s been a tad crazy. I’m not back per se, i am one with the ether.

  6. lucky duck! i was just in England. there was loads of old stuff, but no hot n’ sunny beaches. fortunate for me, I came back to 28 degree weather in Vancouver. heading to beach for sunset. totally enjoying your lastfm playlist. wikkid!

  7. Katie: Hope crazy good? I’ll see you when you back not per se.

    Lisa: I think you’ve summed up England quite well there, classic. Hope the sunset was good, I’ll watch the sunset tonight over the next door apartment block 🙂

  8. ““Best Mojito’s ever”? I dont believe it!”

    HAHA me neither. Try going to havana coñoooo!

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