I don’t grow weed!

Just to make something clear: I don’t grow weed, I don’t sell weed, I don’t want to buy a hydro system, and I know it is illegal in most countries.

Why am I telling you this? Well it seems that the articles I posted in April of last year about a mysterious weed bush that popped up in my mother’s back garden, that then subsequently got eaten by our dog, is doing quite well with Google. In fact if you type “Weed bush” into Google I come up second in the search results. Second!

If you type in “Mother’s weed” I come up first in the Google search results! I’m sure my mother is very proud of me for making sure she can be found on Google. Similarly if you search Google for “My mother is growing weed” I come up first too.

Dog ate the weed

By writing this post I am probably further promoting it’s ranking, so it is probably not the best idea. I just find it too hilarious though. Almost as hilarious as some of the comments posted by stoned weirdos.

P.S. Can anyone help one of my readers, Rob. I’m sure he’d appreciate a professional opinion:
“Hi all, what do I do if my plants leafs are going brawn on the edges its just started budding and is about 4ft 5in high all the new leaves look good and the buds little white bits are about 5/8 of a inch am I doing something wrong “

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  1. That’s absolutely classic! Mark, your disclaimer in the opening paragraph is great, but you never say anything about not smoking weed 😉

  2. Oops better clear that up then. I don’t smoke weed 🙂

  3. Ye Mark, isn’t that what all weed smokers say? 😉

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