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Setting up the Autumn shot

Autumn has certainly gripped London. In fact, it’s almost winter, what a depressing thought.

Autumn is not all dull and gloom though because with Autumn comes a beautiful pallete of reds, golds and russets as London parks put on their final show before winter bites.

At 6am on Saturday morning, yes folks 6am, the morning after friday night, I braved the outdoors and drove down to Richmond park with my mate, Bryce, to snap some shots with our Canon SLRs. 2 degrees it said on the car themometer and 2 degrees it was. My hands could have been used for the Dulux colour card for colours violet to blue.

A misty dark sky, followed by a beautiful bright sunrise and then a frosty blue sky was our backdrop on which to shoot fallen leaves, conker shells, and nervous deer.

It was a great learning experience on how to capture a wide range of colours using my 350d. I still definitely have a lot to learn, but one step at a time.

Misty morning at Richmond Park

Who needs CSS galleries for creative inspiration when the season is Autumn. View the full set of photos here (well the few I think are worthy of my Flickr account at least).

Autumn Reds

Nope that’s not a photoshop lens flare, it’s the real thing.


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  1. Very nice, that flare makes the shot!

    (For some reason I thought the little balls on the ground were baby gremlins at first….)

    1. ahh. lol me too. I love Autumn so much and this picture is so beautiful!

  2. Haha, the little Richmond gremlins are known to come out in Autumn. Prickly little buggers.

  3. WOW you’re an artist 🙂

    I just found your photos by accident and I’m totally amazed!

  4. Dee Leon Avatar
    Dee Leon

    i also found this website on random and my father and I are very amused with your work. I am a movie director and my father is a professional photographer. I started making movies on accident when I was seven and I’ve loved it since then. These photo’s you took are absolutely beautiful and I cannot imagine how zen you felt taking photos there. The sun peeking from the corner just caught my eye and I was in awe. You are quite the photographer!

  5. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Your photos are wonderful!

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