Enshrine Holdings

Enshrine equips business entrepreneurs with skills, resources and leadership to engineer and sustain South Africa’s infrastructure development plans.

The design is a 3 column, widget enabled wordpress template, based on the popular Neoclassical search-engine optimized code. The template includes numerous custom designed header images that alternate upon page load.

Enshrine Holdings

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  1. Beautiful! I believe this is the best adaptation of Chris’s Neoclassical theme I’ve seen. Great work.


  2. Whooaaa! I just noticed the navigation above the header image. Well done.

  3. Thanks Tracy. Glad you like it. I’ve tried to make the design as unique as possible yet still base it upon some solid site-engine optimized code that i know works well.

  4. Tim Price Avatar
    Tim Price

    Mark, do you listen to Jimmy Eat World by any chance?

  5. Just thought I would mention that the link above no longer is using your design.

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