WordPress Premium News Theme – The Gazette Edition

Over the past couple weeks I have been busy collaborating with Adii on his Premium News Themes for WordPress. Today we finally launched my wordpress design – PNT – The Gazette Edition.

[box]Since writing this blog post Premium News Theme has been re-branded as WooThemes and I am now a proud owner of the company along with Adii and Magnus Jepson.[/box]

This wordpress template is feature rich with a mootools slideshow displaying featured articles professionally and attractively, lots of advertising banner spaces with complete control over what is displayed from within the wordpress backend panel, a clever little video player that can be positioned on the home page, and different colour options & home page layout structures for the theme at the click of a button.

Not only is this theme rich in features, but it has been created to make sure your content is king, therefore great thought has been given in font selection, font sizing, line spacing, and cell padding.

Premium News Theme - The Gazette Edition

Premium News Themes are certainly pushing the boundaries of the capabilities of WordPress – a blogging content management system. WordPress can now be used as a newspaper/magazine content management system – and the start up costs are close to nothing.

[box]Head on over to the WooThemes to find out more about pricing, a basic one user license will only cost you $99. A live demo is available here.[/box]


40 responses to “WordPress Premium News Theme – The Gazette Edition”

  1. Hi Mark, congrats to you and adii. This is by far one of the best themes I’ve seen in a while. I like how it can be applied to just about any content, and as you say, with the focus being the content. Nice.

  2. Excellent theme! In fact, all of the designs in the Premium News Theme group are nice. Might be a little steep on price, especially compared to Revolution, but not out of the ballpark completely.

  3. @ Tristan & Tyler – Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

    @ Hash – Thanks as well! 🙂 Why do you say it’s steep in price compared to Revolution, when Brian G only dropped his prices in the last two weeks? Also consider that Premium News has got a built-in theme backend which none of the Revolution themes has…

  4. @Adii – I used the Revolution theme for a client a couple months ago and remembered the price as being $59 or so. I see that the price has gone up since then to $79 though.

    When you say there is a built-in theme backend, what do you mean? Are you saying that there are pre-packaged themes, or a way to theme it easily?

  5. Thanks for the comments guys, glad it is getting some positive feedback.

    @Hash – The “built-in theme backend” allows you control over whether the video player is displayed on the home page and where, it allows you to change the colour theme of the template, and gives you complete control over the advertising banners. You can also pick what category is featured in the Mootools slideshow, enter your Flickr address in to the image gallery sidebar box, as well as enter your feedburner address for quick customization of the subscribe box. I definitely think you are getting your money’s worth.

  6. this theme deserves positive feedback 🙂 Just out of interest, what ad-serving system do you use for the advertising engine. Is it contained within wordpress, open-source or can it plug in to more advanced systems?

  7. Hey Mark, those are strong backend-management features. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t knocking it at all, the theme is ridiculously good and I wouldn’t think twice in paying the $99 for it on the right site.

  8. @ Tristan – We don’t have an ad-serving system for the template. The ad urls and image sources are entered into the theme backend. Its up to you to track the impressions using tools like Google Analytics. We are exploring the possibilies here though.

    @Hash: No worries mate, didn’t feel you were knocking it at all.

    @Robin: Thanks mate, I hope so!

  9. Hi there – Mark congratulations on your theme – I’ve just purchased it.

    One question that many people may have not covered in instructions – how do you turn off and remove all the ads/advertising space in your theme, the ads can make a premium blog look less professional. Thanks!

  10. Can someone tell me, why the POPULAR, LATEST and COMMENTS dont work for me? When I press TAGS on the sidebar box it shows the tags same with the RSS feed but not with the others. Any suggestions?

  11. Hey guys,

    Please direct all theme related support queries through our support forums – forum.woothemes.com. We have a team of great forum ninjas who will help you from there.

    @Mr. Evil: The latest version of Gazette doesn’t rely on plugins for the tabber to work so should fix your problems.

  12. I love Gazette, btw. However – I can’t get the feedburner url for e-mail subscriptions to change. If you click on the subscription link for e-mails, it takes you to http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/emailverifySubmit?feedId=Another71-ACpaExamBlog

    Feedburner updated their URL for e-mails and it should be:


    and I can’t change it. The RSS works fine, but the current e-mail link tells you that my blog doesn’t accept e-mail subscriptions anymore.

    Thoughts on how to change this?

    Thank you!

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