Off Skiing

It’s midnight and my girlfriend and I have decided there is no point in going to bed as in 3 hours a taxi will be picking us up and taking us to Gatwick Airport. From Gatwick we head to Milan, Italy followed by a 5 hour bus trip up high into the Italian Alpes. Livigno is our final destination and home for 1 week of fun in the snow.

It is our first time skiing so I expect to come back with a lot of bruises, hopefully no broken bones, and lots of good memories. I probably haven’t packed enough warm clothes, but i’m hoping my thermal undies protect me from the -10 degree celcius temperatures…

I’ve been frantically busy finishing up work before my week away. Some of which I successfully completed, others I was not quite ready to let go of and will have to wait till my return.

One website I have happily launched this last week belongs to a Fairy Godmother in South Africa.

“Fairy Godmother Inc. is a company that is committed to helping individuals, companies and organisations get clear, inspired and focused on their vision, dreams and goals and we then support them in turning those dreams and goals into reality.”

Fairy Godmother Inc

Fairy Godmother Inc is run by the fabulous Donna McCallum who is quickly building quite a name for herself and “sprinkling fair dust” on the TV, in magazines, on websites and even at the Opening of Parliament.

The Fairy Godmother website resides on a wordpress content management system and has a completely customized template that makes use of custom fields and various plugins. The website design hopefully portrays a magical, colourful image, all the while attracting both individuals and businesses to attend her workshops and inspiring talks.

Anyways, it’s time to pack my bag. See you all soon.

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