SA Rocks Re-Design

I’m back from my week of skiing in the Italian Alps, which I will report back on shortly. I’ve of course arrived back to a heap of mail and design requests, and quite a few Gazette Premium News template sales, which has somewhat helped mend the large dent in my wallet after my expensive holiday.

Yesterday I launched the re-designed SA Rocks after working on it for a solid couple weeks, creating a new logo, heavily customizing the Gazette Premium News WordPress Theme, coding additional modules to the design, splashing the template with bright South African colours, testing the theme in numerous web browsers and ironing out little bugs, of which there are still a couple to do.

SA Rocks Re-Design

The end result is a happy, colourful branded website that will hopefully improve the user’s experience on this wonderful website that is proudly promoting South Africa and all of it’s wacky characteristics.

SA Rocks Logo“After reading the incredibly upsetting anti-SA blogs from expats around the world I decided to make a stand. This blog is that stand. I am standing up for all the good in SA. For all the great things that SA citizens do and for all the people who love this country. I love this country and I believe in it and the success that is soon to come.” Source: SA Rocks About Page

The final logo that Nic and me agreed upon has a strong resemblance to the Superman logo. It portrays a powerful, striking image that portrays a message of hope for South Africa. It hopefully portrays Nic’s stand to fight for his country and spread the good news 🙂

The site template uses every facet of WordPress’s extended functionality and allows it to function more as a magazine/newspaper site than your typical journal entry blog.

Do let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Mark, you’re becoming an icon in the African blog space. Watch out… 🙂

  2. Excellent work Mark. Love it!

  3. Love the minimalistic approach Mark – well done!

  4. thank yoou for this interesting tickket, if only people understand whhat you say 🙂 it s nice to viisit this nteresting blog 🙂

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