Live Wire – A Premium WordPress Theme

Live Wire - A Premium WordPress ThemeFor the past couple weeks I have been busy working on another premium wordpress theme with Adii, after good sales with Premium News – Gazette Edition.

The latest edition to Premium News is Live Wire. Live Wire is a feature-rich 3 column magazine/newspaper layout. The beauty of Live Wire is the 3 themes it is available in, which should cater for just about any web publisher.

Live Wire Features

The Live Wire home page is totally customizable. You can choose from a 4 column home page or a 3 column home page. In the middle column Live Wire will display one post from each category, with the option to exclude certain categories. You can also decide on whether you want the video player displayed or not, and you have complete control over what advertising banners are displayed, if any. Live Wire caters for MPU adverts (300 X 250 pixels) and box adverts (125 X 125 pixels).

Live Wire is packed with an auto image resizer, so you don’t need to worry about creating thumbnails for the archive, or featured post images for the home page. Just make sure you upload a good quality, nicely compressed photo to your WordPress site and Live Wire does the rest.

Live Wire also has an image gallery template that can be easily set up to display all the images contained in your blog posts on one clean page. When you click on one of the images it will take you to the post that image was featured in. Neat hey?

Live Wire is also bundled with a Site Map page for quick navigation around the site, and of course some help with the task of search engine optimization.

Still need more to entice you? Live Wire has built-in gravatar support for authors & comments, category dropdown menus, a sidebar tabbed box and integrated Flickr & Feedburner

Take your pick

As mentioned Live Wire is available in three themes or available as one big bundle with 12 styles to choose from!

Live Wire 2.0

Live Wire 2.0 is the first Premium News theme to adopt a Web 2.0 design. By this I mean clean sans-serif typefaces, subtle gradients and bursts of bright colours. It however is not all stereo-typical 2.0 design, as we have opted for sharp corner, as opposed to rounded ones, to really emphasis the simplicity of the grid structure.

Live Wire 2.0

Live Wire 2.0 is bundled with 4 colours options: blue on a dark grey gradient background, green on a light grey gradient background, red on a blue gradient background, green on a bright blue gradient background.

Live Wire Edition

Live Wire Edition has a more classic look and feel, often associated with newspaper layouts. It makes use of serif typefaces, minimal colour and lots of open space. Like with the other two styles you have the option to split column 1 of the home page into 2 thinner sub-columns – making the home page a 4 column grid structure. This option works nicely for publishers with text heavy sites, wanting to show off lots of content, with minimal imagery.

Live Wire Classic

Live Wire Classic comes in 4 colour options, blue, green, purple and red with it being quite easy to create a custom coloured version changing some css styles.

Live Wire Style

Live Wire Style is Adii’s design contribution to Live Wire. (Might I add Adii was a WordPress rockstar in getting the backend features of Live Wire all working! Kudos mate). Live Wire Style is similar to Live Wire Edition in it’s column sizes and typefaces, but has subtle differences in font sizing, and colour usage. Live Wire Style is available in red, orange, blue and purple.

Live Wire Style

Hopefully the 3 different themes that Live Wire is available in demonstrates to potential customers, whether they be WordPress novices or competent web designers, that it is highly customizable in design through basic css, and layout through the nifty backend features.

What you waiting for? Go and take it for a test drive.


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  1. I really like the look of these sites. Fabulous ! Any plans to release one of these for ExpressionEngine? I see you work with EE and there’s such a dearth of decent designs available.

    Best wishes .

  2. Hi, Kindly Help me

    The Sidebar LAtestnews, Popolar and Comments tabs are not working.

    Please check here

  3. Hi, I’ve added the Live Wire series to our listing of the best WordPress themes available anywhere ( It’s an impressive series of designs.

  4. Where can I find a live demo for Adii’s and Mark’s theme? It seems that the link is lost.

  5. The theme is excellent. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to change the background image on it – I’m in my style’s CSS page but can’t find bgr.gif – know where it is on live wire?

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