The Proposal

No not a website proposal for a change.

I’ve been scare here this week, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have important news to tell you all.

On Saturday, the 1st day of Spring, the day before Easter, I proposed to my lovely girlfriend, Xenia, walking along the beautiful Thames river on a not so beautiful very cold, and wet, winterly morning.

“Isn’t this romantic?” I asked Xen a few minutes into our rather chilly river walk, huddled under an umbrella, to which she bluntly replied, “NO”. It didn’t stop my quest though and I’m very happy to say she answered “YES” to my marriage proposal after finding a sparkly ring in one of her gloves.

Happy times.

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  1. Hey Mark – Congrats dude! I remember the crappy english weather all too well, so i can only imagine the uber romantic setting it must have been ;0) You know she’s a keeper if she still says yes after such a lame effort (hehe)..

    Big fan of your work and loving your photies! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Mark, am so thrilled for you and Xen and am so looking forward to having her as a daughter-in-law! You’ll have to make up for that ‘romantic’ moment now – hopefully you’ll find a romantic venue for a celebration – NOT in the rain, preferably! Wishing you both all the best for many years ahead filled with much happiness.

  3. yo newcastle loser…

    An official congrats to the both of you, hope you put the ring in the right (left) glove. Crazzzeee times – sucker, just kidding, stoked for the 2 of you!

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