DC rocked the house

DC performing at Kings College, LondonLast night, my fiance and I (still trying to get used to saying that) went to see one of my favourite bands, Dashboard Confessional perform at Kings College University in Waterloo, London. It was actually just Chris of Dashboard Confessional performing a solo acoustic set, but it was absolutely, flipping awesome. Chris’s stage presence is astonishing, as can be witnessed in my video clip a little later. DC always manage to completely captivate their groupy fans who all seem to know every word of every song they have ever produced.

There were moments when you could have almost heard a pin drop in the packed out student union building, a sign of the appreciation the crowd had for DC and his amazing vocal abilities. That was of course in between all the screams of fans yelling, “I want to have your babies”, guys included (I might have said it under my breath once. Ok twice.).

My favourite songs were Screaming Infidelities, Stolen, Hands Down (as seen below) and Thick as Thieves. (DC chose a great viral marketing technique to produce a music video for “Thick as Thieves”, taking full advantage of their groupy’s support. DC asked the public to produce a music video for the song, the best of which would be used commercially. The winning clip is awesome and definitely worth a view.).

What I loved the most about this gig was the fact that Chris could literally stop singing a song half way through it and the crowd would sing the rest of it for him, in perfect unity.

Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down

By Mark Forrester

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  1. Ah man, so envious, even after catching Muse last month! The ‘Thick as Thieves’ vid (“bleeeeding”… wow!) reminds me a little of the Daft Hands, also worth a view (takes a while to get started).

  2. Dude, that is flipping awesome. So Jealous. They are (he is) one of my favourite acts around. Never had the pleasure to see them (him) live but would pay a lot of hard earned cash to!!

    Good work though. Must’ve been phenomenal.

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