Happy Birthday Afrigator

Afrigator is 1 year old.

Afrigator is one year old today and what a year it’s been. Afrigator has grown and matured into a globally recognized African web application. Not bad for year one, but year two will no doubt be even bigger. We’ve planned lots of exciting stuff for the coming months and we hope you will follow the journey on our blog and continue to support us.

Mike has just announced our “1 TH1NG” birthday competition. Do you see how he made the “i” character in “thing” into a “1”. He’s so clever. That’s why he is our marketing guru. Not as clever as me turning the “i” in “Afrigator” into a candle though. That’s genius.

Back to the competition:

Submit your ideas on the 1 TH1NG you’d change if you were us, and stand to win R 1000! Here’s how it works:

1. Write a post explaining the innovative 1 TH1NG you’d change about or on Afrigator
2. Track or link back to the Afrigator birthday post (on the Afrigator blog)
3. Get someone to submit your post to Muti
4. The top 3 suggestions as voted upon by the Muti community (come 22h00 Sunday night) will win R 1000 each.

Simple as that.

We look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.


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