Evita Bezuidenhout’s Zoopy Page

One of the more fun projects I have completed in the past couple months was a Zoopy profile page for South Africa’s much loved comedian Evita Bezuidenhout.

Zoopy is South Africa’s first and foremost video and photo sharing social network. I’ve always been a fan of their neat and usable design so when Jason, at Zoopy’s headquarters, asked me to take on one of their projects I jumped at the opportunity.

Evita requested her Zoopy profile page portray her Afrikaans heritage all the while beaming her support for the new South Africa and it’s bright future. Another way to put it: Boere Baroque – a fashionable but old school Tannie.

The end result was a collage of Evita’s memorabilia – including her photos, a string of pearls, a kruger rand and even her passport, sitting pretty on a pink wallpaper, with dashes of Biggie Best Kitsch throughout the content layout.

Make sure you visit Evita’s Zoopy profile page to view some of her great comedy skits, sexy photos, blog posts and even a sneak peak at her new perfume – Jeau Mour.

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