Mann Friday

Last week I went to see the awesome Zimbo band Mann Friday perform at the famous Halfmoon in Putney. (Halfmoon has hosted live music full time since 1963, with occassional performances dating back as far as the 1920s. From The Rolling Stones to Kasabian, Kate Bush to Natasha Bedingfield the venue is steeped in music heritage.)

I can’t tell you much about Mann Friday because I couldn’t find much information about them, not even on their website. What I can tell you is that I am now a huge fan. One quote I randomly found that sums up perfectly what Mann Friday are all about is:

Conscious indie rock that grabs you by the scruff of the heart. Developing a solid reputation for electric live performances and sell-out dates. When daring to take a stab at making a comparison, you may have the following come to mind… A Dave Matthews/Counting Crows cocktail laced with a heroic dose of spiritual narcotics. [Source: Clapham Grand]

I bought their album “Blue Sky Science” at the gig and have been playing their music ever since. Have a listen to two of my favourite tracks “You bring my beat back” and their great new single avaliable on iTunes “Sunburn and Wonder”.

Mann Friday – Sunburn and Wonder

Mann Friday – You bring my beat back

Want more? Listen to their album on their website and if you like it you can purchase it there too. I think.

Let me know your thoughts?

P.S. Mike Stopforth I think you might enjoy this 🙂

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