I have seen the future

This last weekend I got to see Wall-E. A film I’d been looking forward to watch, after hearing from numerous friends that the CGI animation was absolutely fantastic.

I’m a huge fan of animated movies, I love all the Pixar productions – Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille, as well as other animated films like Ice Age and Shrek. What I find amazing is how animation is evolving and with every new film release the possibilities of the technology become more and more limitless.

After Pixar achieved believable water physics in Finding Nemo, which must have been an incredibly difficult task, they then set themselves the monumental task of animating body language and emotion effectively and realistically. Years of complex programming and 3D modelling have created a loveable robot named Wall-E, that doesn’t speak a word of any human voice, but communicates through robotic sounds and body language.

The first 45 minutes are almost dialogue free yet I was completely spell bound by the little character and the awe inspiring imagination of the animation team that he was born from.

It’s definitely worth a watch.

This brings me to the main point of this post. On The Times website today I saw the future of animation, a little video clip that will, or at least should, make your jaw drop to the ground. I thought this level of animation was still a few years away, a couple at least, but I was proven very wrong. Take a look here:

One day soon a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses could be without work…

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