SAFM “After Dark” Profile Interview

At 19h30pm (South African Time) tonight I will be chatting to Naye Lupondwana on SAFM (South African FM) about what exactly it is that I do and what projects I am involved in. The interview will be part of the “After Dark” programme that showcases personalities you most probably haven’t heard of 🙂

International readers, if you have any interest in hearing the interview it should be available streaming off the SAFM website.

If you are visiting my site after listening to the interview please let me know via a comment below. Us bloggers love comments 🙂

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  1. Congratulations, Mark, well done! It was brilliant!

  2. Lil brother Avatar
    Lil brother

    Well done big bruv but where was my shout out??

  3. takalani Avatar

    Hi Eric i just wanna say after dark makes us being updated of what happening in our country.i like your change with safm listeners

  4. TAKALANI Avatar

    “Eric” surelly i can say that ANC deserve no votes,because we don’t know the candidates for next year.these leaders are spoiling our country.

  5. hey man can you do an interview with airforce so that they stop discrimination

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