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Fresh after the release of my latest wordpress business theme – Productum, I’m already busy pushing pixels around Photoshop designing my next theme, a photoblogging theme that I’ll most likely call Aperture.

Please note: This theme is now available for purchase on WooThemes.com.

The Aperture home page
The Aperture Home Page

I’m a keen photographer (all the images I’ve used in this theme design mock up are my own) and I realise a lot of our WooThemes users are too, I’ve thus created a theme that hopefully caters for a group of users that WooThemes currently  doesn’t have much too offer.

Aperture will let your photography do the talking in a clean, usable interface. Posts will most likely be called Albums, as that’s what they are to a photographer. Agree? Disagree?

A featured scroller on the home page will display your “x” number of featured albums, as specified in your theme option’s panel. Below that will be a gallery of your photo categories. Each category will display an image from the latest album in that category, keeping the home page dynamic and fresh.

Aperture Category Archive Template
Aperture Category Archive Template

The category archives will display your photo albums as neat little clickable boxes taking you too a dedicated page for that album.

The footer space will consist of 3 (or 4) widgetized modules for “Latest Albums”, “Popular Albums” (based on number of comments) and a blog section for general news from the blog author that falls out of the photography categories.

The design has a BusyBee influence and will be available in 10 different colors.

As already mentioned this is a work in progress and much could change. That’s why I’m asking for your feedback to make this a kick ass photoblogging theme.

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  1. Wonderful! I hope the individual photo post has space for text, and also comments.

  2. This theme doesn’t load albums on homepage ?
    Isn’t it supposed to load latest blog from each category and place it as a category image ?

  3. Any way to utilize the home page slider and javascript hover effects on subpages? I am not using this for a photograph site, however need option for multiple scrolling photos on subpages. BTW….love the Theme. Thanks.

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