Joshua Radin

Joshua RadinLast night I went to see Joshua Radin perform at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Who’s Joshua Radin? Most asked that when I told people I was going.

He is a singer-songwriter from Ohio, America who’s music has been described as folk rock and acoustic. You might recognize his music from Scrubs? Zach Braff seems to love his music as not only does he feature it on Scrubs, but his movies Garden State and Last Kiss.

Anyways, my wife and I love his tunes, we even had one of his songs “Lovely Tonight” as our wedding song – performed by our mate Andrew Schär

The gig was a sell out with us on the fourth tier of this majestic theatre. Radin was obviously quite amazed that he managed to sell out this historical theatre and quite dumbfounded how many followers he had in the UK. Needless to say he really enjoyed himself on stage making it an awesome performance for us the audience.

In between songs he’d tell humourous stories about his ex-girlfriends, take photos of the crowd, and then he even performed a couple of his songs unplugged – taking a good few steps back from the microphone and relying on the awesome acoustics of the theatre and the appreciative, silent crowd.

It was a great gig. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos and can’t seem to find any, but here’s a couple of his songs for you to enjoy.

A rather folk version of one of my favourite songs – “Growing up to do”


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  1. Talking of folk… you should check out the new Brothers Streep single ‘Joshua Doore’. Think it might be on FB. BTW – Shot for the heads up on Zoopy – looks like a good opportunity for Net Prophet.

  2. Great post, big fan of Joshua Radin.
    Its genuine emotion.

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