Brothers Streep

brothers_streepSo I’ve blogged/bragged about my mates band The Brothers Streep before, but that was way back in November 2006.

They’ve grown in band members AND groupies since then, but their latest feature on national television here in the UK should hopefully take them one step closer to global domination.

You’ve got to watch this hilarious video of them performing their “Anna Paquin” tribute song directly to their idol LIVE on the hugely popular Graham Norton show.

If you in the UK watch the full show tomorrow night, 12 October 2009 – 22:35 on BBC One.

Kudos to Simon, Dylan, the Tims and Richard! You guys rock.

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  1. Definately going to be watching! Gotta hand it to Brothers Streep they are flippen hilarious…heres to a record deal in the near future.

  2. Brother of mark Avatar
    Brother of mark

    Legend. Incredible

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  4. Glad to hear the groupies are on the increase. Always a good thing having those around (helps when lugging equipment or when you’re too lazy to put the kettle on…)

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  6. This was removed from the BBC iPlayer some time ago so I appreciate the link. Go Brothers!

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