The evolution of a blog

December is known as the “Blogging for Benjamin” month at WooThemes. An initiative of Daniel Espinoza, one of our talented WooCommerce support ninjas, encouraging our team to represent WooThemes better through our personal publishing, and more importantly develop our writing and communication skills. The blogger with the most posts at the end of the month is the winner of a Benjamin (a $100 note).

My blog has been a ghost town for the past couple years and this initiative has really got me thinking about attempting to re-ignite my passion for blogging. All the while I’m very weary of over committing, having a turbulent relationship with this site that started way back in October 2005. A post about a VOIP product called Skype and how I’d been experimenting with it on an internet connection of 90kbps…

Back then I was oblivious as to where this website would take me. On an incredible journey learning how to build WordPress websites and connecting with it’s passionate community. Most notably, in 2007, it helped connect me, via comment discussion on my blog, with 2 strangers in 2 distant countries and later starting a business with them – WooThemes.

We are so swayed by new publishing platforms offering slightly simpler, sexier, faster technologies and content strategies helping you build an audience bigger or faster. This WordPress website though is a memory bank of past personal experiences, a time capsule of certain internet milestones, and a tangible reference point of my maturity in business and as a writer.

This site is over 8 years old, I have full control and ownership of my content, and have complete flexibility to customize every aspect of it. I’ve re-designed it about 5 times and enjoy regularly giving it a spring clean. This site will be around for as long as I want it to be. Think about all of this before contemplating a move from WordPress.

Think about your online legacy and how much control you have over it.

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