Been playing with Skype

Have you thought about using Skype? Skype uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), enabling you to make phonecalls over your internet connection. All you need is a headset with a microphone reciever. This will only set you back about R70. Then install Skype onto your PC. Once this is done you can join the thousands of users worldwide and get connected to them. You would be surprised how many of your contacts, both family and work-related, are using Skype. Think about it … no telephone charges … free communication with people all around the world. Just remember, the person you are wanting to speak to must have Skype installed on their PC. Alternatively, you can buy SkypeOut, which is calling credits. These enable you to phone normal landline telephones or cellphones anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost of your local telephone network.

It works well for me. I’m using a wireless internet connection that on average gets about 90kb per second. The quality of the calls is perfect. A slight delay sometimes, but hey can’t complain, it’s free!


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