photos + creepy music = consciousness theater

Flickeur (pronounced like Voyeur) randomly retrieves images from and creates an infinite film with a style that can vary between stream-of-consciousness, documentary or video clip. All the blends, motions, zooms or timeleaps are completely random. Flickeur works like a looped magnetic tape where incoming images will merge with older materials and be influenced by the older recordings’ magnetic memory. The virtual tape will also play and record forward and backward to create another layer of randomness. This principle will create its own sometimes very suggestive or scary story. It might take a few minutes until the tape has accumulated enough material to not show any empty screens anymore. “

Definitely worth checking out. Amazing how a movie/slideshow made purely out of randomness can still have some meaning. Well the one that was generated when i went to the site did ๐Ÿ™‚ In a weird kind of way. gets censored by Google

According to

Web users searching for South Africa’s newest search engine Jonga on Google are more likely to find an Indian army 4×4, a South African tour company or the genealogy of a German whose name is “Jonga”. That is if they find it at all.

The search engine was dropped from the Google index “in its entirety” last week, according to owner of Jonga, Alistair Carruthers.

Carruthers says he has “no idea whatsoever” why Jonga is no longer indexed by the world’s biggest search engine.”

Maybe this is because lots of South African searches on Google came up with links from Jonga’s web directory and thus Jonga was getting a lot of traffic, maybe it’s because Google are just greedy and don’t want to give traffic to anyone but themselves? Maybe it’s because Alistair Carruthers has been bad mouthing Google and they have secret spys? Who knows why. But it seems pretty ridiculous. Give the guy a break. South Africans use his search engine. Help Jonga cement itself.

Tagging – the new way to advertise?

Tagging has become the new way to categorize, label and find things on the internet. A technique that has been booming, especially in the blogging world, with large sites like Flickr and Technorati promoting the use of tags. A tag is like a keyword that relates to a site that when clicked on, takes you to the site lniked to the tag.

Born around the hype of the Million Dollar Home Page that I posted a previous article on. “1000 Tags is a project that aims to put to the test in its simplest form the viability of tagging as a way to advertise, by presenting a tag cloud formed by tags added by people who try to promote a particular site or page.”

Does it work? Well I’m going to give it a bash and see what happens to my traffic.

Get to know your blog better with free easy stats

I have been using Google site anaytics on my blog for the past couple of months. Gives me great data, but understanding some of that data is an absolute mission. So I went searching for something a little more simplisitic, something us web designers can actually read. This is what I found. Haven’t actually installed it yet, as I am still waiting for my invitation email from the site, but the reviews are good and the interface looks far more … my cup of tea.


Get an invite from Measuremap here.

The Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage was created by a 21 year old middle-class undergraduate living in a messy student digs and who drinks a lot of coke (don’t know why you need to know the coke fact, but that is taken from the news article where I found this website link,

All the website is, is a homepage with loads and loads of mini advertisements on it that takes a long time to load. But, the guy is making thousands of dollars off it everyday! He charges $1 per pixel and there are 1000 000 pixels on the page to buy. Quite a crafty idea, got to give him that! He has now sold 999 000 pixels, and is not satisfied with the 1000 last pixels going for $1000, so is auctioning them off on ebay!! The nerve!! The current bidding price for those last 1000 pixels is around $160 000.

Visit the site and wait an eternity for it to load.

P.S. I have just been to his blog, which is linked to the home page. It is INSANE how quickly and easily this guy has made his money. Definitely worth reading.

What’s next for Yahoo

There is so much news on the newest projects at Google that most people forget about its big competitor Yahoo. After reading an article on its clear to see that they are going to fight Google for the top spot. Yahoo have launched a website, or should I say opened a web area, where you can view all the exciting projects on the go at Yahoo, Yahoo describes it as “โ€œa showcase of some of Yahoo!โ€™s newest and coolest projects โ€“ the cutting edge of what Yahoo!โ€™s doing today and working on for tomorrow!โ€.

Check it out. If you into this sort of thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Planning a roadtrip?

Route PlannerI am going to be off, on Boxing Day, for a 10 day roadtrip to Nelspruit, the Kruger and Kwazulu Natal. I’d love to be more specific where I am going, but thats all I know so far. Its going to be a very spontaneous holiday. The way I like to do my holidays. Anyways, never driven up there before so thought a map would be required. Found a website that plans your whole route, gives you an estimated time for your drive, a step-by-step route indicator (including all the little roads) and shows a pretty little map of how to get there. Very cool website!

SHELL GEOSTAR Go well, go Shell!

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Your step-by-step guide to becoming website-savvy

Gravit8 in the pressI don’t like to actively promote my company on this blog, but couldn’t contain this one ๐Ÿ™‚ Apologies to the people here for the fun and jokes.

Gravit8, the company I run, has recently been in the press. I was interviewed by Jess Oosthuizen of Pursuit Magazine, on the topic of “Create your own website”. Their aim was to promote companies having a website, and the misconception of how many people believe it is an impossible thing to create your own website.

The article covers a step-by-step guide to becoming website-savvy. Read this website-savvy article here.

We design and maintain their website too, so defintely worth visiting ๐Ÿ™‚

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To the SA bloggers …

So I went to my blog today, and also its web stats, and noticed some links coming from places I don’t recall having a link. Found some great feedback on my blog from some other South African bloggers. Wanted to say a big thanks for the kind words and positive feedback. I’ve only been around in the blogosphere for a couple of months, but my site is already getting great results.

Martin @ d2 thanks for spreading the digital farm love to Jo’blog. And big up Chumpstyle for using the banner and referencing it to me, looks great, definitely suites the style of your site.

Check out these guys blogs, great source of entertainment for y’all!

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