Royal Caribbean – Freedom of the Seas

This has got to be the coolest cruiseliner ever to be built. Launching in about 184 days (according to the website), this cruiseliner boasts a huge amount of things to do, with facilities that are out of this world. They are even going to have a flowrider on the deck. For those of you who don’t know what a flowrider is, in a nutshell, it is an artificial wave, built for surfers, and other board riders to surf, whilst not moving anywhere, just carving away at this mass of moving water on a giant wave shaped piece of fibre glass. Hard to explain, but go to the site and see the animation. Very cool.

The Sports Pool

Other facilties include a climbing wall, the H20 zone, a whirpool, the sports pool, an ice rink, and the new family staterooms.

Visit their website. The website even rocks, very flashy, so make sure you got a decent connection though.

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