Creating great photo stories/slideshows with Photo Story 3 for Windows

Windows PhotoStory3
So I never thought I would be promoting a Microsoft product, as usually there is a hefty price tag associated to any piece of software from them. But… I found this very cool slideshow viewer thingy when searching for a flash tutorial on slideshow creation. It does everything I needed and more. All you do is select the images you want in the slideshow, add some effects if you want, titles can be displayed over the pictures as well. Add your music, decide on screen size and click “create”. It packages all your pictures with the sound effects into a nicely compressed .wmv file. Then you can view it in the viewer of your choice. My one and a half minute slideshow wmv file with a background song was only 4.06mb!

No cost, can you believe it. All that is required is an authentication of your operating system 🙂 So the pirates here beware.

To try this out for yourself click on this link:
PhotoStory3 for Windows


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