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A new South African search engine was released this week, “born out of pure frustration with the lack of SA-relevant results returned by search engines”, as put it. I have had a look at the site and find it great. The search results come up quickly, and in an efficient format. And it seems they have done their homework with the indexing of South African sites, as of course they should have! All our websites produced at Gravit8 have been indexed already. Who knows what the future holds for this search engine, but hears hoping its fruitful and demonstrates to the rest of the world South Africa can give Google a good run for their money… well hopefully 🙂

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  1. Yeah, I like the interface a lot. Technically, I don’t think it’s a match for MSN and Google (which I’ve stopped using BTW, I’m purely on MSN for the last month), but it’s pretty much a 500% improvement on Ananzi…

    Let’s hope they get the traffic they deserve!

  2. The site is great. Its advantage over the likes of MSN and Google is a type of targeted search you would never think of doing there. Try this experiment open, msn, Ananzi and funnel (I refuse to mention aardvark) and search on “What’s on MNet tonight”. Look at the “Other Results”…don’t be confused google usually put ads here so I largely ignore this part of the screen….anyway this will show the power of jonga…well done Alistair.

  3. Check out directory at ,it’s most comprehensive listing of websites

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