Don’t throw out your lightbulbs, hang them on your Christmas tree

Christmas lightbulb

With less than a week left before Christmas, there isn’t much Christmas stock left in the stores, so when your light bulbs die, don’t throw them out. Hang them on your Christmas tree.

1. Coat the light bulb in approx 3 layers of white craft paint
2. Coat the “hat” in black, 2-3 layers
3. Glue 3 buttons onto his front – either buttons, or little jewelry beads (using a glue gun)
4. Make eyes and nose from jewelry beads, those tinted silver inside add a nice touch
5. For the nose, I used a miniature light bulb from a package of those sold to decorate those mini Christmas village sets – I simply cut off the lights, then their ends and glued it on
6. Make scarf from some scrap material – fold it over, glue it down then create tassles. Tie it around the neck in your favorite position – you may need to glue it down a bit
7. Using floral wire, make a decorative trim to the hat – wrap it around and tie it off, crunching up the ends. This will give it some flare and also a place for you to add your ornament hook
8. Rub a regular glue stick around the base of the snowman then roll him in some clear sparkles

How to make a snowman ornament from a light bulb

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  1. light bulbs these days are getting replaced by compact fluorescents and LED based ones, original incandescent bulbs are power h ::

  2. light bulbs are good for lighting the home but stay away from incandescent lamps because they generate so much heat ~’`

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