What bugs me!

What really bugs me is when I’ve been searching for something on Google for like hours and I finally find the thing, only to find out it needs some plugin I don’t have. “This movie cannot be played. You need to download Quicktime to view this file”. Great! So I follow the links and cruise over to http://www.apple.com (Note: no hyperlink. They are not worthy for a link from me today!) only to find out I cannot download QuickTime by itself, I have to download it with iTunes 6! All 32mb of it!

We ain’t all sitting with broadband T1 connections across the world, some of us are controlled by Telkom.

Oh yeah, and like MSN Messenger tuned me yesterday, “Would you like to download the latest version of Messenger?” I’m thinking, “No, I’m ok”, but alas I can’t use MSN Messenger until I download the latest version. Thanks for asking though.

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