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Web users searching for South Africa’s newest search engine Jonga on Google are more likely to find an Indian army 4×4, a South African tour company or the genealogy of a German whose name is “Jonga”. That is if they find it at all.

The search engine was dropped from the Google index “in its entirety” last week, according to owner of Jonga, Alistair Carruthers.

Carruthers says he has “no idea whatsoever” why Jonga is no longer indexed by the world’s biggest search engine.”

Maybe this is because lots of South African searches on Google came up with links from Jonga’s web directory and thus Jonga was getting a lot of traffic, maybe it’s because Google are just greedy and don’t want to give traffic to anyone but themselves? Maybe it’s because Alistair Carruthers has been bad mouthing Google and they have secret spys? Who knows why. But it seems pretty ridiculous. Give the guy a break. South Africans use his search engine. Help Jonga cement itself.

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  1. More than likely that Jonga was removed for search engine spam using their business directory.

  2. What search engine spam? Anyway the good news is that Jonga was spidered during the course of Thursday afternoon and was indexed in Google a few hours later. (Now that’s fast!) As per my thanks on Tectonic – Thanks Mark for carrying the story on your blog.

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