I also want to make $526,744.35 using Google Adsense

John Reese (a.k.a. Mr. Traffic Secrets) has released a new video (and great viral marketing tool) showing that his AdSense “side business” generated $526,744.35 in revenues over the past year. Watch this video for inspiration on what is possible with AdSense revenue generation.

Ok he didn’t make this amount using one website/weblog, so all you bloggers don’t get too excited. Reese had a network of websites, that worked for him.

A few of his money-making tips can be found here.

I’m busy trying to download the video now. It’s taking its time.

Link courtesy of: Techblog

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  1. I’ve seen one of these videos before, but I’m not sure if it was done by Reese.

    If you have no morals and want to clog up the internet with more useless crap then follow these easy steps:

    Step 1: buy shitty pre-packaged content in the form of articles that appear on millions of other sites
    Step 2: create fifty websites with aforementioned content
    Step 3: link them to each other incestuously
    Step 4: add google adsense to every page
    Step 5: buy the software being advertised in the video
    Step 5: find keywords that generate the most income using the software
    Step 6: focus on pooping out content with these keywords
    Step 7: profit!

    The video is just an extremely clever way of selling his software.

  2. John doesn’t sell software.

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