What was in the Oscar celeb’s swag bags this year?

Most people know the Oscar nominees get showered with gifts, in fact if you attend the Oscars you get showered with gifts. It seems the richer and more famous you are, the more gifts you get. Doesn’t seem very fair to me, I suppose I’m just jealous though.

So what did the celebs get in their swag bags this year? The Grammy gift basket was worth about $US65,000 including a guitar and a coupon for Lasik eye surgery. That’s for every Tom, Dick or Harry who managed to get invited!

The nominees got a bunch more!!

  • Each of the Best Actress nominees got a special addition Kodak V570 iced with 70 Kwiat diamonds. The diamonds positioned in the Best Actress nominees’ initials (I’m guessing this one’s Reese Witherspoon). So even if they didn’t win the award they still walked away with a fancy diamond encrusted camera worth $20,000, oh I forgot plus the value of the camera ($400), $20,400. That’s more than some of us South Africans make in a year.
    Kodak V570 Special Edition
  • They also got a Victoria’s Secret gift – a $US15,000 bra and panty set embellished with a (removable) Chantal Thomas’s gold and diamond brooch.
  • Best Director, Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress nominees all walked away with a special-edition gunmetal-gray PEBL Motorola cellphone, along with an H700 Bluetooth headset and three months of service from T-Mobile.
    Motorolla Special Edition cellphone

At the Golden Globes awards a $US22,000 cruise to Antarctica was included in the gift basket.

Kind of makes you sick hey?

Source of information:
Engadget & Yahoo News

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