Barcamp coming to Cape Town


“The idea is to bring the South African tech/geek/creative community together under one roof in the informal “un-conference” environment as per the Bar Camp Ethos. Think of it as Open-Source conferencing, this is YOUR conference, you present, you discuss, you attend, you spread the word.”

I love the idea and will defintely be attending. Its quite daunting knowing there will be so many skilled and knowledgeable techies/geeks under one roof, but what a place to learn more about the ever-growing, ever-developing creative community!

I have visited a few sites to find out more about the Barcamp un-conferences that have happened around the world, and if they are anything to go by, Barcamp is going to rock Cape Town.

Maximum respect to Conrad Strydom for taking on this huge challenge of organising this Cape Town event. Visit the Barcamp website to find out more, and see how you can be there, and how you can contribute.


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  1. I hope you enjoy the conference. I’m jealous that I can’t make it and it’ll be right in your back yard! Keep us all updated on the stuff that goes down while you’re there.

  2. Still going? the sessions appear to all be “intro to..” sessions, which is great if you don’t know anything, but if you’re in the tech/geek field, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve actually used (for example) PHP before. Also, where the hell is Kuilsriver?

  3. I really do think it is going to be worth while. Keeping up with all the trends and new technologies on the net today is near impossible. In the tech/geek field I think you’d be kidding yourself if you think there’s a fairly good chance you’ve actually used a 1/100th of what’s avaliable to you!

    A huge part of the unconference is networking, meeting possible business partners/contacts, etc. You can’t miss out on that!

  4. Fair point. Still, I’ll wait for your report back 🙂

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