Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger

It looks like Microsoft are upgrading and rebranding MSN Messenger. The new Windows Live Messenger is already downloadable in its beta form, so all you surfers who can’t wait to play with this program, go wild.

Its new features allow you to:

  • Have free real-time text, video and voice conversations* with other Messenger users
  • Call your friends’ mobiles or land-line telephones by signing up for MCI Web Calling to make affordable domestic and international calls**
  • Send all your familiar winks and emoticons, plus some cool new ones
  • Share cool activities such as music mix, games and remote assistance
  • Easily share documents of all kinds with Sharing Folders

Its interface has changed, for the better i think. It is less text-heavy and it’s pale blue colours are easy on the eye. Its only downfall is that you will still get those irritating little advertisements at the bottom of the program.

If it bothers you that much, pay the $25 and get Trillian.


Jake JarvisI have to give the source of this article some credit, as I am amazed at this guy’s skills. He is your average, technology obsessed American, the difference though is his age. Jake Jarvis is 14 years old, with a technology blog with a page rank of 6, and is planning to complete his Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) by the end of 2006. He also has a few websites under his belt, that he designs in his spare time.

Jake if you find my site, send me a holla, if you visiting South Africa, I’ll take you out and buy you an OJ.

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