It’s taken time, but the blogging bug has been discovered!

It looks like the South African tabloids are starting to get it.

Get what?

Get that blogging is growing and growing fast, and its impact can be bigger than some may think.

Read these two articles to see what the media is thinking of the South African blogosphere, and how blogger’s “authentic, clever conversations” can have a very big impact on company brands.

I don’t know if my articles can be defined as authentic, clever conversations, but I sure hope one day, some how, one of my articles will change the way some huge corporate makes it money. And they will give me a huge cut of the profits. And I shall retire to my own island, in the Carribean, with my endless supply of biltong and castle beer.


Links courtesy of the boys at Joblog


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  1. Blogging and the Cluetrain Manifesto in local media…

    The Social Customer Manifesto, a follow-up echo to the sentiments of Cluetrain, helps us understand how social software tools (things like blogs, wikis and podcasts) have given this new breed of customer a vehicle to spread its message – globally…….

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