Get to know your personal DNA

Personal DNA

Trying to get in touch with my inner being I thought I would try a personality test, and I found the perfect one to do., It’s free, it’s fun and it seems pretty accurate. All you need to do is answer about 10 pages of questions, this may sound a lot, but the format and uniqueness of the questions makes the time fly by.

My personality report was pretty accurate, it hit a nine inch nail on its head. I’m not going to reveal too much about myself here, even though I know you all desperately want to find out more about me, but according to the site I’m a generous director. Definitely not as self explanatory as it sounds!

Your awareness of those around you, along with your nuanced perceptions of the world at large, makes you the GENEROUS person that you are.

As a DIRECTOR, you combine an unusual openness and passion for beauty and style with confidence and a down-to-earth sensibility that allow you to realize your vision.

Go do the test, you got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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  1. […] My dad assured me it was ok to post a feminist article on my blog, in his words, “I thought real men were so confident of their sexual status that it was highly cred to show a glimpse of a (small )amount of the feminine side” He went on to say that his DNA “has a reasonable feminine side but OF COURSE a much bigger masculine one“. I wouldn’t mind attending a couple of these courses, the parking course is of great interest. […]

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